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    Residential Roof Repair

    We’re the roof repair and maintenance experts.

    Your roof serves an important purpose: covering your home and your family. Maintaining the integrity of your roof helps ward off larger expenses or the major problems that can occur when repairs are ignored.

    When you need residential roof repair or maintenance, call Roofsmith Restoration. We have the experience and skill to evaluate your roof condition, recommend any needed repairs and quickly and precisely handle them.

    We train all our roof repair teams ourselves, so we can vouch for their craftmanship. Some roofing companies are simply not reliable. If you’re looking for a different type of contractor – one you can trust to handle the job and provide honest communications – we’re here for you.

    Residential roof repair is one of our specialties, along with roof replacement and storm damage assessment. We offer free roof inspections and free estimates for any work we recommend.

    If you need home roof repair and a partner to get it done, Roofsmith Restoration is your local roof repair and maintenance specialist.


    Why Does My Roof Need Maintenance?

    Prevent Leaks, Drafts and Other Exterior Problems

    You need a secure roof to protect your home.

    Prevent Larger Repairs in the Future

    Little problems become bigger problems if not addressed in a timely manner.

    Maintain Your Curb Appeal and Value

    A well-maintained roof is more attractive and doesn’t detract from your home’s value.

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    Is It Time for Roof Repair or Maintenance?

    You can’t separate roof repair and roof maintenance. Roof maintenance helps limit the scope of roof repair work. When you address roof issues quickly, it prevents minor problems from becoming larger, more expensive, problems.

    For example, if roof damage leads to leaking, it can have a major detrimental effect on your home. Leaking can start with small sections of damaged roofing, so fast attention to any signs of damage pays off.

    It’s important to preserve your roof and maintain its integrity to keep your home secure and maintain your home’s curb appeal and value. If you are experiencing any of the following, you should schedule a roof inspection:

    • Roof leaks
    • Missing/cracked/curling shingles
    • Dark spots on the roof
    • Blistering of paint on interior & exterior
    • Wind & hail damage

    Schedule your free residential roof inspection today.

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    Benefits of Regular Roof Maintenance

    Different types of roofing material create different challenges for residential roof repair work.

    • Asphalt shingles, wood shingles, concrete tiles and clay tiles often have damage to individual shingles, and those pieces can be replaced rather easily.
    • Metal roofing comes in larger panels, so it’s more effective to replace those only when spot repairs are no longer a viable option.

    Bottom line: no matter what type of roof you have, regular maintenance is beneficial. Roofsmith Restoration has experience and skill with all types of residential roofing.

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    Common Roofing Problems

    Roofsmith Restoration can quickly and effectively fix any roof problem, big or small. Some roofing problems are obvious, and others require an expert eye. A qualified roofing inspector can assess your residential roof and make recommendations for needed repair or maintenance. If you’re experiencing any of these common roofing problems, Roofsmith Restoration can help.

    Blow-Off Damage

    Blow-Off Damage

    High winds damage roofing materials by blowing finished roofing entirely off the roof. Roofing felt and roof sheathing can also be blown away by severe winds.

    Major Structural Damage

    Major Structural Damage

    Storms and high winds can cause tree limbs and entire trees fall to on the roof. Structural damage from impacts can range from small punctures to complete collapse.

    Damaged Shingles

    Damaged Shingles

    Missing, broken, torn, cupped, curling, brittle and bald shingles (no protective granules) - all are signs roofing should be replaced. Nail pops (roofing nails pushed up through shingles) can cause leaks.

    Too Many Layers of Roofing

    Too Many Layers of Roofing

    Too many layers can cause shingles that are uneven and inadequately anchored to the roof sheathing. The weight of the roofing material can stress roof framing.

    Damaged or Missing Roof Flashing

    Damaged or Missing Roof Flashing

    The main purpose of flashing is to keep water away from building materials or building assemblies. Damaged or missing roof flashing needs prompt correction.

    Damaged Gutters and Downspouts

    Damaged Gutters and Downspouts

    Managing roof runoff helps prevent basement flooding and moisture damage. Gutter and downspout damage can be small dents and scrapes, crushed or bent or pooled loose (if fascia boards or rafter ends have been weakened by wood rot.

    Attic Insulation Issues

    Attic Insulation Issues

    The attic could be a cause of high utility bills, uncomfortable rooms, or uneven temperatures. A complete attic insulation system can remedy this.

    Roof Ventilation Issues

    Roof Ventilation Issues

    Improperly screened roof vents allow insects and animals into the attic. In other cases, there may not be sufficient ventilation, necessitating the installation of additional vents.

    Wet Rotted Wood

    Wet Rotted Wood

    When wood gets wet and can’t dry out completely, wood rot can occur. Even a small leak can result in rotted roof sheathing and rafters, which will seriously weaken the roof structure.

    Dry Rot

    Dry Rot

    Dry rot is a common type of wood rot in which wood is attacked by fungi. The fungi destroy the parts of the wood that make it strong.

    Roof Leaks

    Roof Leaks

    Roof leaks can be difficult to detect. Water leaks in small imperfections - hole made by a popped nail, around damaged flashing or because of water backed up behind an ice dam.

    Damaged Skylights

    Damaged Skylights

    Impact from hail and windblown objects can crack the glass in roof-mounted skylights.

    If you’re experiencing any of these common roofing problems, Roofsmith Restoration can help.  Schedule Free Inspection >>

    If you’re searching for roofing repair companies, Roofsmith Restoration is your local expert.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have Question? We are here to help

    When should I consider roof repair, and what are the signs that my roof needs fixing?

    You should consider roof repair if you notice signs such as leaks, water damage, missing or damaged shingles, granule loss, sags or dips in the roof, cracked or damaged flashing, increased energy bills, or if the roof is approaching its recommended lifespan. It's important to address these issues promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the longevity of your roof.

    What types of roof repairs does Roofsmith Restoration offer, and can you repair different roofing materials?

    There are several roofing materials for residential roofs, including asphalt shingles, metal roofing, wood shingles, clay or concrete tiles, slate roofing, and synthetic options. Factors to consider when choosing the right material include cost and durability.

    Can I get a free estimate or quote for roof repairs from Roofsmith Restoration?

    Yes, many roofing contractors offer free estimates or quotes for residential roofing projects. To get a free estimate or quote, you can contact roofing companies in your area and provide them with details about your project, such as the size of your roof, the type of roofing material you are considering, any specific requirements or concerns, and your budget. They will typically schedule a visit to assess your roof and provide you with a detailed estimate of the costs involved in your roofing project. It's a good idea to reach out to multiple contractors to compare their estimates and make an informed decision.

    How does the cost of roof repairs compare to a full roof replacement, and what factors influence the cost?

    Roof repairs are generally less expensive than a full roof replacement, but the cost depends on factors such as the size and slope of the roof, type of roofing material, extent of damage, accessibility, and local labor and material costs. Obtaining quotes from reputable roofing contractors is recommended to accurately assess the cost of repairs or replacements for your specific roof.

    Does Roofsmith Restoration offer financing options for roof repair projects?
    Is it possible to repair only a portion of my roof, or does the entire roof need to be addressed?

    It is possible to repair only a portion of your roof, known as localized or spot repairs, if the damage is limited to specific areas. However, factors such as the age of your roof, extensive damage, and the ability to match materials and aesthetics should be considered. Consulting with a professional roofing contractor is recommended to determine whether a partial repair or full roof replacement is the best option for your specific situation.

    Can I schedule emergency roof repairs if I have a leak or serious damage?

    Yes, you can schedule emergency roof repairs for leaks or serious damage. Contact a professional roofing contractor offering emergency services, take precautions to minimize water damage, document the damage, and consider temporary repairs until a permanent solution is implemented. If necessary, contact your insurance provider to initiate a claim.

    What is the typical duration of a roof repair project?

    The duration of a roof repair project varies depending on factors like the size, complexity, and weather conditions. Small repairs can be done in a day or two, while larger or more extensive repairs may take several days or weeks. Unexpected issues and adverse weather can cause delays. Consult with a professional roofing contractor for a more accurate estimate for your specific repair project.

    Does Roofsmith Restoration provide warranties or guarantees for its roof repair work?
    Can Roofsmith Restoration assist with insurance claims for roof repairs due to storm damage or other issues?

    Yes, Roofsmith Restoration may be able to assist with insurance claims for roof damage. Many roofing contractors have experience working with insurance companies and can guide their clients through the claims process. 

    Is it necessary to be home during roof repair, and what should I expect during the process?

    It is not necessary to be home during a roof repair, but it is recommended to be available or have a representative present for any questions or concerns. During the process, the crew will inspect the roof, perform the necessary repairs, clean up the work area, and conduct a final inspection. It is important to communicate with your roofing contractor and discuss any specific concerns or requirements.

    Are there any weather-related limitations to roof repairs, such as during winter or rainy seasons?
    Weather-related limitations such as cold temperatures, snow, ice, and rain can make roof repairs challenging. Working on roofs covered in ice or snow is dangerous and accessing damaged areas can be difficult. Rain or consistent moisture can hinder repairs as water can seep into the damaged areas and make the repairs less effective. It is best to schedule roof repairs during dry and moderate weather conditions for safety and efficiency.