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    Roof Cost Calculator

    Use this calculator to figure out the overall costs of getting your roof replaced.
    Choose the Owen's Corning roofing material & warranty package that you're interested in.
    Pick the style of roof that matches your roof the best. 
    Give us the width of your house. Square footage affects a number of cost factors including the amount of materials used, labor, time, and more.
    Give us the length of your house. Square footage affects a number of cost factors including the amount of materials used, labor, time, and more.

    Square Feet: sq ft

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    Disclaimer: The roof calculator provided on this website is intended to provide a rough estimate of the cost of a roofing project based on the information you provide. The actual cost may vary depending on various factors, including but not limited to:

    1. Material costs: The prices of roofing materials can fluctuate due to market conditions, availability, and other factors beyond our control.
    2. Labor costs: The cost of labor can vary based on the location, complexity of the project, and the availability of skilled workers in your area.
    3. Additional repairs or modifications: The estimate provided by the calculator does not account for any additional repairs or modifications that may be required, such as the replacement of rotted framing/decking, ventilation upgrades, current roof penetrations, skylights, or metal flashing replacement.
    4. Permit and inspection fees: The calculator does not include any permit or inspection fees that may be required by your local authorities.
    5. Site conditions: The estimate assumes standard site conditions. If your project involves unique challenges, such as steep slopes, difficult access, or the removal of extra layers of materials, additional costs may apply.
    6. Accuracy of information provided: The accuracy of the estimate is dependent on the information you provide. Any errors or omissions in the data you enter may result in an inaccurate estimate.

    Please note that the roof calculator is designed to provide a general estimate only. For a more accurate and comprehensive quote, we recommend consulting with us so can assess your specific project requirements and provide a detailed proposal. Roofsmith Restoration and its affiliates shall not be held liable for any damages or losses resulting from the use of this roof calculator or the reliance on the estimates provided.