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    Roof Inspection

    Get a free roof inspection from Roofsmith Restoration.

    When was the last time you had a roof inspection? Even if you don’t see major roofing problems, it's smart to have your roof inspected every year by an experienced roofing contractor.

    Perhaps you see damaged shingles or evidence of leaking? Our professional roof inspectors can pinpoint and identify the areas of your roof that need attention and determine the best plan of action.

    If you’ve recently weathered a severe storm, it’s crucial to ensure your roof hasn’t sustained any damage. If you have damage, you need an experienced team to restore your roof quickly and secure your home.

    Roofsmith Restoration offers a free residential roof inspection and free estimates for any recommended work. We’re not your typical roof contractor. We’ve built our business on offering honest assessments, skilled roofing teams and excellent craftsmanship.

    Whether you want to fix a damaged roof, upgrade the look of your home with a new roof, or replace missing or broken shingles, the expert team of roofers at Roofsmith Restoration can help.

    Why do you need a roof inspection?

    Get a Birds-Eye View

    Most wind and hail damage is not visible from the ground.

    Free Roof Inspection Near Me

    Detect Problems Before They Get Worse

    Roof inspections can uncover minor damages before they become major – saving you money. Even a small roof leak can trickle down to the foundation and create structural problems.

    Roof Inspection Services

    Your Roof is Nearing End of Life

    Your roof is approaching the end of the average lifespan, which in Ohio is 10 – 15 years old. At this time, it’s likely your roof is starting to have wear and tear that can compromise its integrity.

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    Catching Roof Problems

    You see signs of roof problems: missing or damaged shingles, shingles that have lost their protective granules, dried or cracked shingles, curling shingles or algae growth. Spots on your ceiling inside the house can indicate your roof is leaking.

    Roof Inspection Services

    Severe Storm Damage

    You’ve had a severe storm. Storm damage might be obvious, such as blown-off shingles or limbs down on your roof. Other damage might not be as obvious. Hail damage can cause large indentions or small indentions and punctures. Either way, you need a roof inspection and the roof needs to be fixed to keep your home safe and dry.

    Hail Damage Roof Inspection

    We Fix Roofing Issues


    Roofsmith Restoration can fix roofing issues, including roof replacement, roof repair and maintenance:

    Total Roof Replacement

    Total Roof Replacement

    Shingle, Decking or Roofing System Damage

    Shingle, Decking or Roofing System Damage

    Blow-Off Damage

    Blow-Off Damage

    Roof Leaks

    Roof Leaks

    Damaged or Missing Roof Flashing

    Damaged or Missing Roof Flashing



    Damaged Gutters and Downspouts

    Damaged Gutters and Downspouts

    Damaged Skylights

    Damaged Skylights

    Rotted Wood Roof Decking

    Rotted Wood Roof Decking

    See more information about Common Roofing Problems.

    Expert Storm and Hail Damage Roof Repair

    It’s wise to get a roof inspection after a severe storm. Wind and hail damage – even minor damage that might not be easy to see – needs to be addressed quickly, so it doesn’t lead to larger, more costly, issues.

    A professional roof evaluator from Roofsmith Restoration will give you a free, thorough storm damage inspection and advise if your roof sustained any damage. You’ll get free estimates for any repair work we recommend.

    Our inspection includes: roof shingles, gutters, skylights, flashing, vent hoods and vent stacks.

    We’re experienced at working with insurance companies. We know how to get your estimates developed quickly, how to work with the insurance companies and make the process easier on you.

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    Looking for a reliable roof inspection company?

    If you suspect roof damage, you may be asking: is there a certified roof inspection company near me? Roofsmith Restoration is your local resource.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have Question? We are here to help

    What is a roof inspection, and why is it important for my home?

    A roof inspection is an examination conducted by a professional to assess the condition of a roof. It is important for maintaining the overall health of a home because it helps identify and prevent potential problems, ensures roof longevity, maintains insurance and warranty coverage, and improves energy efficiency.

    How do I know when it's time to schedule a roof inspection?

    You should schedule a roof inspection if your roof is more than 20 years old, if you notice missing or damaged shingles, if there are signs of leaks or water damage, if the roof surface is sagging or uneven, if there has been severe weather, or if your energy bills have spiked. A professional inspection can help identify any issues and prevent further damage.

    Does Roofsmith Restoration offer free roof inspections?
    Roofsmith Restoration offers a free residential roof inspection and free estimates for any recommended work. We’re not your typical roof contractor. We’ve built our business on offering honest assessments, skilled roofing teams and excellent craftsmanship.
    What are the common signs of roof damage or deterioration that I should look for?
    Common signs of roof damage or deterioration include missing, cracked, or curled shingles, leaks or water stains, a sagging or uneven roof surface, granule loss from shingles, damaged flashing, and the presence of mold or moss. It is important to address these signs promptly to prevent further damage to the roof.
    Is it necessary to have a roof inspection after a severe weather event, such as a storm?
    After a severe weather event like a storm, it is necessary to have a roof inspection. Storms can cause significant damage to roofs, even if it may not be visible from the ground. Having a professional inspect your roof can identify any potential issues and prevent further damage. It also provides documentation for insurance claims if necessary.
    How frequently should I have my roof inspected to ensure its integrity?
    To ensure the integrity of your roof, it is recommended to have it inspected at least once a year. However, the frequency may vary depending on factors like the age of the roof, climate, and previous damage. More frequent inspections may be necessary in areas prone to severe weather or for older roofs. Consulting with a roofing professional can help determine the most suitable inspection schedule for your specific situation.
    Can Roofsmith Restoration assist with insurance claims for roof damage discovered during an inspection?

    Yes, Roofsmith Restoration may be able to assist with insurance claims for roof damage. Many roofing contractors have experience working with insurance companies and can guide their clients through the claims process. 

    Can I request a detailed report or assessment after the roof inspection is completed?

    After a roof inspection, it is possible to request a detailed report or assessment. A professional roofing inspector will provide a written report that includes findings, descriptions of damage, photographs, and recommendations for repairs or maintenance. Reviewing this report can help you understand your roof's condition and make informed decisions about necessary actions.

    Are there any specific certifications or qualifications that Roofsmith Restoration's inspectors have?
    Many of our employees have gone through HAAG training and have this certification to assess storm damage. We also train our employees internally with continuing education throughout the year.
    How long does a typical roof inspection take?
    The duration of a typical roof inspection can vary, but it generally takes around 45 minutes to a few hours. Factors such as the size, complexity, and accessibility of the roof can influence the inspection's length. Consulting with the roofing professional beforehand can provide a more accurate estimate.
    What is included in a comprehensive roof inspection by Roofsmith Restoration?

    It is not necessary to be home during a roof repair, but it is recommended to be available or have a representative present for any questions or concerns. During the process, the crew will inspect the roof, perform the necessary repairs, clean up the work area, and conduct a final inspection. It is important to communicate with your roofing contractor and discuss any specific concerns or requirements.

    Does the roof inspection cover both the exterior and interior of the roof?
    A standard roof inspection covers both the exterior and interior of the roof. The inspector examines the exterior components like shingles, flashing, gutters, and vents for visible damage. They also inspect the interior, such as the attic or crawl space, to assess the roof structure, insulation, and ventilation. This comprehensive inspection helps identify any potential issues or maintenance needs.
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    Can Roofsmith Restoration assist with the repair or replacement process following the inspection?
    Yes of course! That is what we are here for. We want to make the process as easy as possible for you and will help every step of the way.