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    The Importance of Selecting the Right Roofing Materials

    By Mike Farist

    You may have heard the common misconception that “all roofing material is the same” and won’t affect your roof’s overall performance. This is false and can end up costing you much more in the long run. It is important to spend time making sure that your roof is being installed or repaired using quality materials. Here are two reasons why selecting the right roof material for your home is vital:

    • Many roofing manufacturers will attempt to offer reduced prices or “specials” on roofing materials that are sub-standard or have been lightly used already. These materials may seem like a bargain at first with reduced cost, however, these materials will immediately pose the extra risks of premature wear, need for repair, and costly water damage.
    • Many homeowners are not aware of all of the products that are used for replacing or repairing a roof. These items include caulking and nails and some roofers will try to save money on these products by cutting corners and using only basic quality materials during the job. They can then save on these costs for themselves by spreading these products all throughout the year and not buying more or new ones.

    Many companies don’t use these shortcuts and will make sure that each customer is provided with quality materials; but to ensure that you don’t fall for this misconception, remain an active part of your roofing process and don’t necessarily accept what may seem like a bargain for materials. The cost you pay upfront for materials may save you from later repair costs.