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    Roofsmith Restoration featured in Mimi Vanderhaven Magazine

    By Mike Farist

    Think Local. Those two words represent the heart of Mimi Vanderhaven Magazine. Since its inception in 2003, the northeast Ohio publication has been dedicated to supporting and promoting locally owned businesses in the region.

    In a recent issue, Roofsmith Restoration founder Mike Farist was offered the opportunity to share his vast roofing knowledge with Mimi readers. The article, which appeared in the magazine’s July issue, explains why summer is an ideal time for homeowners to consider replacing their roof.

    In addition to listing the telltale signs of a damaged roof, Farist details the many reasons why Roofsmith Restoration has earned a reputation as one of the best roofing companies in northeast Ohio.

    Mimi Magazine is mailed to more than 255,000 homes and businesses in northeast Ohio’s affluent outer suburbs each month. You can read the full article featuring Roofsmith Restoration at